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Weekly Wishlist: Mecca

Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Okay, I am in serious need of a makeup splurge. My first, favourite, and only Chanel highlighter only has a very tiny amount left in the pan, and seeing it like that pains me. I also just haven’t really bought anything but the necessities (ie. foundation, mascara) in a loooong time. Seriously, it’s been ages. Granted, I have a lot of makeup for someone who often goes without and can’t work out how to apply a decent smoky eye if her life depended on it, but… Okay, I can’t justify wanting to buy more, but that’s what this Weekly Wishlist is about!


I’m choosing Mecca mainly because they’re located in the shopping centre (mall) closest to me, and I’m kind of… super… lazy. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve done a Sephora wishlist before, and Mecca has some different stuff that I’m lusting after.

Here we gooo!

Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Frog Prince Blush – Lipstick Queen

I don’t really understand this blush, but that’s why I want it. It seems risky to buy a blush where you can’t actually see what colour it will turn out to be (it goes from green to pink when you put it on) but apparently it reacts to your skin’s pH level to give you the perfect hue. I’m kind of skeptical, but I would still love to try it.

Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Ambient Lighting Palette – Hourglass

I’ve always wanted to own this palette, but I couldn’t allow myself to spend $90 + when I already had and loved the Chanel one. Well, since that part of my life is over (a little dramatic?) I think it’s time I treat myself. My friend has this palette and her highlighter always looks amazing, (albeit she is more talented than me with makeup) but I think that’s a pretty good sign.

 Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Beached Bronzer – Urban Decay

I’m also definitely in need of a new bronzer. I’ve never had one that I loved, just worked with. But as I’m quite pale, most of the ones I’ve had have been too dark, or just not the right tone. I think the colour of this one looks perfect – and the packaging is too cute.

Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Radiant Creamy Concealer – NARS

Concealer is another where I haven’t had one I really enjoyed. In fact, I’ve quite honestly disliked the ones I tried, which put me off. But I think concealing is an important step of a beauty routine, so I’m ready to give it another go. I’ve heard amazing things about this NARS one and seen it on multiple YouTube videos, so I think this is the one for me to try!

Weekly Wishlist: Mecca || hellomoonies

Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick – Yves Saint Laurent
(in 51 Rose Saharienne)

Alright, I definitely don’t need any more lipsticks. However, this colour is so beautiful, and I’ve always been fond of the packaging of Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks. How could I possibly resist lusting after this one?!

Have you tried any of these products? What makeup are you currently lusting after?




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  • Desiree
    August 17, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I got the toofaced milk chocolate soleil bronzer and i love it for my pale skin. That hourglass highlight palette looks so pretty. Ive heard the nars concealer drys quickly i ended up getting the born this way concealer by toofaced i like it so far. I love that ysl lipstick i want to get one but i rarely wear anything but lip balm lol . i love the tokyo milk dark in salted caramel its snells so good.