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Weekly Wishlist – bathbombs, boots & bowls

Hi guys!

It’s time for another edition of my Weekly Wishlist series! No theme to this one… a little surprising, I know, judging from the last two. Well, I’m in a rush because I’m doing this at work while my boss is away from his desk (employee of the century), so let’s jump straight to it!


1. Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb

Honestly, I’ve never used a bath bomb from Lush that I didn’t love, but this one probably has to be my favourite. I have a small stash of different bombs in my bathroom, and I’ve sadly run out of this one, meaning I need to go out and purchase it…asap. (It makes your whole house smell like honey!)


2. Thinkgeek Shark Attack Bowl

Unfortunately this says it’s out of stock but I am determined to check every day until I can get my hands on it. If you couldn’t tell by my other posts, I adore novelty kitchen items so much, and this is just… amazing. My boyfriend had the brilliant idea of filling it with goldfish crackers, and that is why I love him. (A couple of other reasons, too – but come on. That’s genius.)


3. WoW Cinder Kitten

I really, really have been trying to spam you guys with WoW stuff. I haven’t even been playing much this week or the last (which deeply saddens me… definitely need to get back on it this weekend.) but I couldn’t resist. This cinder kitten is too damn cute, I can’t even stand it. And yes, sadly, I’m the type of person who will pay real money for game objects. Fight me.


4. T.U.K. 7 Eye Combat Boots

Oh my god. OMG. Ohhhh my god.
At this point I can’t even properly articulate how badly I want… Nay, need these boots. Have you ever seen anything so badass? No, you haven’t.


5. Hanging World Map Art Print

One time I was looking at realestate.com.au, imagining which house I would buy… when I came across my dream home. It was perfect in every way, but the main thing I remember about it was a world map print covering a whole wall of the studio above the garage (see what I mean by dream home?) Since then, I’ve always wanted something like that once I get my own house… but for now, this would be perfect.

Alright guys, my boss is approaching (his footsteps are the loudest possible noise feet could make) so I’m gonna quickly post this!
Until next time!




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