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If you saw my Gift Guide: For The Coffee Addict post, you may have seen that I mentioned I was drinking a gingerbread flavoured coffee. While this may not be a big deal to some, it definitely is for me, because Australia just doesn’t offer fun flavours of coffee, instant or otherwise. We’re lucky to be able to find a simple hazelnut flavour. For years (yes, literally) I’ve wanted to be able to try new flavours, especially around the festive season. Finally, I stumbled across these Beanies instant coffees on eBay, and knew I had to have them.

The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies
The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies

Before you start to get suspicious, no, this post isn’t sponsored by Beanies (or anyone for that matter). I just thought there must be some other Aussies desperate for Christmas coffee, or even people who just haven’t seen or tried these flavours. I love sharing things I find that I think are incredible, and want other people to be able to try as well.

Though there are a fairly big variety of flavours, I decided to choose the six that appealed to me the most: Winter Warmer, Mulled Wine, Christmas Pudding, Gingerbread, Cookie Dough and Caramel Popcorn. While cookie dough and caramel popcorn aren’t particularly festive flavours (I mean, cookie dough sort of is?) I couldn’t pass them up, and definitely did not regret getting them.

My absolute favourite is the winter warmer flavour. It has flavours of rum, butterscotch, and a hint of nut (though there are no nuts in this, for those of you with allergies.) It’s absolutely delicious, and trying to ration the coffee has been a struggle because of that! I also love the christmas pudding coffee. It’s so festive and lovely, tasting of brandy and cinnamon. Mmm!

The only one I’m not extremely fond of is the mulled wine. It has quite an aniseed-y taste, which isn’t my favourite. However, I don’t mind it, and have drunk it on occasion – it’s just not the one I often find myself reaching for! if you or anyone in your life is a fan of liquorice, this may be the perfect Christmas coffee for you.

The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies
The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies
The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies
The Best Christmas Coffee | hellomoonies

If you want to check out the other flavours, you can see them on the Beanies website here. If you’re not in the UK and want to try these, here’s the eBay link that I bought them from!

What’s your favourite flavoured coffee?



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