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I’m sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you-u-uuu. Great song – totally not relevant though, as my mum would like nothing more than for me to (finally) clean out my closet. Anyway, today’s the day I decided to do the impossible and get organised. More specifically, cleaning out my closet & organising it. I hate to admit it, but I am honestly such a hoarder. I have so, sooo many clothes that I never wear, yet just can’t seem to throw away/donate etc. There’s always the lingering thought of “but what if I want to wear it again?” or “aw, but I got that at *insert memory*”. So in the wardrobe it stays, only to never be worn again. I have a problem.

However, as I was in desperate need of a style uphaul, I knew it was time. Not only is the closet in my room completely full, but also the closet in the spare bedroom, as well as a full chest of drawers in there as well. I told you, I have a problem. I know the concept of spring cleaning your closet is a simple one, but I decided to document my process anyway, in case any of you are in dire need of a motivational “if I can do this, you can too!” kind of boost. Also, because if I ever need to reinstate to my mum that yes, I did clean out my wardrobe, thank-you-very-much! I’ll have the proof right here, in the pudding that is my blog post. Mmm, pudding.

Before we get started, I do have to apologise for the subpar photos. I used my phone for the “before” photos, so they were destined to fail. However, even though I used my camera for the others, the simple fact is with no natural light it was difficult to take any good shots. I hope you enjoy this post anyway!

Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies
Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies

I didn’t take any photos before I started, simply because I wasn’t planning on making this into a blog post at first. The (mortifying) pictures above are a pretty good indication of how it looked, but just imagine a few more coat hangers with clothing items jammed in there. I know, this gives a terrible impression of me – I promise I’m not that messy and unorganised, it’s just that I had way, way too many clothes. Don’t you judge me – I’m already judging myself. Hahah.

Firstly, I gathered up any clothes that wouldn’t be fit for donations – such as anything with holes, or marks that won’t come out in the wash, etc. Mostly, just a whole lot of cheap quality leggings! I threw all of these out – which, considering the holes/marks, perhaps I should have done a long time ago? But, y’know – the whole hoarding thing prevented that.

I then summoned all my will power and went through every single item of clothing, considering carefully whether I would actually ever wear it again or not. I did allow myself to keep a few sentimental pieces – such as band shirts I’d gotten at gigs, or festival shirts, etc. Even though I barely wear them (or only as pyjamas) they still mean something to me, and I think that’s okay! The rest of the clothes I decided I wouldn’t wear, was put into a pile to be donated to charity. I do really hope somebody gets as much enjoyment out of my clothes as I did in the past (except for a few what was I thinking? pieces.) Don’t even get me started.

Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies
Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies
Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies

On one side of my closet, I hung a couple of my lighter, or more casual jackets up. Yes, that is a flannel shirt, and it’s one of my favourites. Next to these, a few of my favourites skirts, shorts & skorts. (Okay, just one skort.) Then I hung up my jeans (albeit not very well – how are you meant to hang them up? Folded? Or with those pinchy coat hangers? You know which ones I mean.) To the right of the jeans, I chose a couple of my favourite dresses and my playsuit that I just adore.

I do think this area still looks a little messy, and I need to have another play around with it to get it looking more organised. However, I decided to leave that for another day as I still have a tiny clothing shop to do, just to replace a couple of items that were outdated, or just some pieces that I didn’t have many or any of. If you have any online clothing store recommendations, do drop a link in the comments! My go-to is and has always been Asos, and I’m yet to find another that even comes close.

On the other side, I have two of my favourite pairs of pants that aren’t jeans – I’m so, sooo into stripy pants at the moment. I wear the white ones as often as possible without it getting gross, and I get compliments on them every time I wear them! They are these ones, though as they’re nearly sold out, I’ll have a couple of other similar pairs linked at the bottom of this post!

Next, I have two sweaters – the first is my christmas bauble sweater, with the little fluffy pom pom’s all over it… it’s honestly the cutest jumper I’ve ever owned, and I’ve been wearing it even though it’s only November, and also… it’s hot here in Australia. But I just can’t help myself. The next sweater is my Mickey Mouse one. I mainly loved it for the mustard colour, but the black parts of Mickey are a lovely velvet material, which gives it a really cool look.

I then have my most-worn t shirts lined up, and a couple of band shirts/singlets that I still wear outside of the house. My “every day” wear is usually jeans & a tee, so I like having them hanging up and ready to grab, as opposed to being folded in a drawer – which is where my lesser-worn shirts have accumulated.

Finally, I have my heavier jackets/coats. You can tell I have a particular taste for these – if it’s not green, leather or denim, it’s gotta go!

Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies
Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies
Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies

This was the aftermath of my spring clean. A bajillion empty clothes hangers, and five huge garbage bags full of clothes ready to be donated. I didn’t expect it, but after doing this, I felt really, really good. Like, seeing my mostly organised closet puts me in such a good mood, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I know it’s kind of weird to get these vibes just from getting rid of some clothes, but I feel like the claustrophobic state of my wardrobe had just put me in a funk. And not the good kind.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clothes and are considering a clean out, I strongly urge you to do it. You know you’re never going to wear some of it again, so donate them to somebody who will! Heh, look at me preaching after cleaning out my closet for the first time in half a decade. But still – now that I’ve done it, I know how great it feels and how much better my wardrobe looks.

I’ve also done a post on a couple of my favourite pieces from my newly organised wardrobe, which you can check out here. I’ve also linked a couple of my clothes (or similar pieces) down below, so you can check them out!

What kind of things do you hoard, and struggle to sort out? I’d love to know, it may inspire me to clean out something else next… my makeup collection is growing a little too large!

Spring Cleaning My Closet | hellomoonies



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