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Last night, my friend and I went to the drive-in movies. We saw Ant-Man, which, in case anybody’s curious, was freaking awesome. Definitely worth seeing if you haven’t already – it’s funny, clever, and it helps that Paul Rudd is easy on the eye.

But enough about Paul Rudd’s cute face. During the previews, a trailer for something much more important came on – a Peanuts movie.




Honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this – having read all the Peanuts comics my dad owned when I went to visit him as a kid. After he passed away in 2006, my step-mum gave them all to me as a keepsake, which I still have. So, Snoopy and the gang hold such meaningful memories for me, and I wish it were already out.

Here’s the trailer – are you excited to see this too?




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