In Links I'm Loving

Links I’m Loving

Have a look at some of the links I’m loving this week!

Neogaf Gaming Setups 2015: this is my favourite kind of thread to look at. I love looking at how people have set up their gaming rooms/areas, and Neogaf is one of the best sites I’ve found for it. (If you browse around, you’ll be able to find the gaming setups threads for other years too.)

Wanelo: Want. Need. Love. The perfect site to feed your online shopping addictions. I could spend hours browsing this site (and have!)

Codeacademy:  I don’t know what you like to do in your spare time. But if you’re like me and like to geek out every now and then, this site will teach you how to code! It’s actually a lot of fun, and I think a handy skill to have.

Lookbook: Style and fashion inspiration, as well as a good way to find new clothing stores you hadn’t heard of before.

Yelp: This is also an app, and I don’t know anybody who hasn’t heard of it but I thought it was worth listing. An awesome and easy way to find places and locations near you (such as restaurants, bars, attractions, etc.)

I’ll share some more links with you guys next week!




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