Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover



I don’t think there’s much better than settling down with a nice, hot cup of tea. They’re perfect at any hour of the day (yes, I am partial to my 3am teas!) and there are so many different flavours and varieties that you just can’t get bored.

Because of this, I decided to make a Gift Guide For The Tea Lover! We all know somebody who loves their tea (in fact, I don’t know many people who don’t like it.) so I thought this could be a teeny bit helpful when choosing Christmas gifts for these people.

Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies
  1. Lettuce Ware Teapot by Tory Burch, $248.00 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

I thought I’d start with the most expensive item just to get it out of the way – don’t worry, I think there’s only one or two other items that’s over $50… that’s one of the great things about tea, it’s cheap! I thought about not including this because of the price, but to be honest… I love it. I just love things shaped like other things (wow I’m easily amused) especially when it’s kitchenware.

  1. Tea Storage Box by Welledla, $105.74 AUD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

Speak of the devil – here’s the other more pricey one. I didn’t actually even put these two one after the other intentionally, but that worked out nicely. I think this is an absolutely beautiful gift, especially for somebody who enjoys a variety of different flavours of tea, rather than sticking to just one.

  1. Bodum Chambord Classic Tea Pot, $70.04 AUD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

I definitely think this gift is one of the more convenient ones – and it’s cute, too! It’s perfect for preparing your favourite loose-leaf tea in this gorgeous glass carafe with a removable infuser – no matter what strength you like your tea. (Strong, please.)

  1. Frosty Holiday Teapot by TJ Maxx, $12.99 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

Yes, yes, yes! This teapot combines two of my favourite things: Christmas and tea! It’s incredibly cute, and would make the perfect Secret Santa gift.

  1. Fred and Friends ManaTea Tea Infuser, $9.99 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

If you know me at all, you know how much I would have appreciated the play on words in the name of this… ManaTea! Manatee, but with tea, get it?! I know you get it, but I’m just all excited over it. Asides from the name, this is a practical and cute little gift – perfect for a stocking stuffer for a tea lover.

  1. Tea For Me Set by Anthropologie, $19.60 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

There’s something about the teapot & teacup combo that I absolutely adore. I think it’s just the ease of getting matching drinkware, and stacking abilities in storage! I love this particular one – I really am a sucker for anything from Anthropologie.

  1. Uncommon Goods Tea Drop Sampler, $45.21 AUD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

I came across this Tea Drop Sampler set by pure luck, and I think it’s a really cool, interesting gift! These tea drops are dis-solvable, made from tea, sugar and spices. You just drop one in boiling water, and you’ve got yourself a lovely tea. These sampler set includes 5 different tea drops: citrus ginger, blueberry acai, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, and matcha green tea. Though I am a huge fan of peppermint, I have to admit that the rose earl grey sounds like the one I want to try the most! How about you?

  1. Pinky Up Addison Tea Set, $42.02 AUD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

I’ve always dreamt about how cutesy and kitsch it would be to have a kitchen absolutely covered in pastels. Well, this tea set fits into that fantasy perfectly, and I think it’s something I definitely need to have. I love the shape and colours, and can’t help but imagine throwing a fun high tea with my girlfriends using this set.

  1. Julianna Glass Tea Infuser Carafe, $6.99 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

This glass carafe is perfect for tea lovers who are always on the go. With this, they can take tea with them, without it getting cold too quickly!

  1. World Market Cat Ceramic Tea Rests, $6.27 USD.
Gift Guide: For The Tea Lover | hellomoonies

This one is probably my favourite out of the whole gift guide… because cats. But really, these are super cute and the best part about them is that you (or the receiver) could use them as any kind of trinket tray, not strictly just for teabags – though, as a tea lover, I can assure you many teabags would be rested on these kitties.



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