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BBQ Planning: Kmart, IKEA, Spotlight & TLBC haul!

In just under a month (September 19th!) my boyfriend and I are having a barbecue because it’ll be nice and sunny in Spring, an excuse to get drunk, and he’ll be able to meet my friends that he hasn’t yet (as he lives in Canada – he’s coming down for 2 weeks!)

I’ve gotten a little carried away with the planning (if you’ve seen my pinterest, you probably know that). I’ve bought quite a bit of things in preparation for it, and I wanted to show you guys those things today!

First up: Kmart.


1. Glass Candy Jar – Short
2. Dual Glass Dispensers with Metal Stand
3. Jam Jar with Chalk
4. Glass Drink Dispenser
5. 8-Piece Preserving Jar Set
6. Glass Milk Bottles – Pack of 6
And I forgot to add the number for it (and there wasn’t any space to) but the little crate is also from Kmart and the link is here.

Isn’t everything adorable? I’m planning on making pre-made cocktails for the Jam Jars (I bought a lot more than I showed here – I think 20!), and using the chalk to write on the lids what each one is – did I mention the lids are made out of chalkboard?

chalkboard lidedited

As for the preserving jar set – we’re going to set up a little burger station, with all the toppings (onion, jalapeños, etc) in these jars so you can choose what you want yourself!
I got the idea off pinterest – if you have a look at my BBQ board, you’ll find a lot of cool ideas and recipes!


See how cute that looks? And I’m going to put them in the crate, too, just to keep them all organised.

The drink dispensers are pretty self-explanatory. I’m currently trying to decide if I should have alcoholic drinks in those as well, or something non-alcoholic and refreshing like lemon lime bitters, or some sort of punch, since the jam jars will be filled with cocktails. Luckily there’s still weeks to decide, because I’m terrible with decision making.

The milk bottles will be used to hold stripy straws that I bought from TLBC and Spotlight, and you’ll see them soon!

And last but not least, I’m not sure what I’ll be using the candy jar for. I was thinking putting a salad in there would be cute (I have plans for two other jars that involve pasta salad and potato salad – you’ll see), but… people like candy.

Next up… Ikea.


1. Korken Jar with Lid, Clear Glass
2. Hemsmak Jar with Lid, Clear Glass – Big
3. Hemsmak Jar with Lid, Clear Glass – Small
4. Djura Bed Tray, Rubberwood

So as you can see, this shop was reasonably smaller than the Kmart one (I won’t lie, I also bought two candles… I just can’t resist that section.)

I bought the Korken Jars in case we ended up needing any more for the burger station – since I haven’t worked out exactly what we’ll be putting in them, I thought it was a good idea to have some for back up.

Now, the large Hemsmak jars… Have a look at what my inspiration for those was:

55c7602be826a08b3f7dd9fd74e21506UGH! Isn’t that such an adorable idea? Sadly, I like these jars more than the ones I bought, but I wasn’t able to find any others. Still, I have a while… I can find another use for these two jars if I find better contenders. Whichever jars I use, I’m going to have one for potato salad and one for pasta salad. Now to start looking for recipes…

Not really sure what I’m going to use the smaller Hemsmak jars for yet. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Aaaand the tray… So cute! I actually got two of these, but there was no way they were both going to fit on that table. I was planning on getting four, so I could have 2 flat and then have the higher ones over them, but they don’t fit like that so I’m going to have to try and find ordinary breakfast trays that will fit underneath.


I’m planning on having these on both sides of the burger station – one side will have the high tray for burger patties, and the flat tray for hot dogs/sausages/kabobs etc. Then, on the other side, the bread to match – burger buns on top, hot dog rolls and sandwich-bread on the bottom.
(Also, that’s my dog in the bottom right corner. He was trying to be helpful. He failed.)


But what a cutie. (If you want to see more pics of Jasper, you can click here.)

Finally… Spotlight and TLBC.

spotlight and tlbc edited

1. Posh Partyware Paper Cups
2. Chalkboard Stickers with White Chalk Marker
3. Blue, Pink, and Black Striped Straws, Green Posh Partyware Paper Straws
4. Amscan Heavy Weight Fork, Knife, and Spoon.
5. Amscan Plastic Plate, and Bowl.
6. Amscan Lunch Napkin

Do you guys like the colour scheme I went with? When I put it all together, it looks kind of girly, but I don’t think anybody’s going to care (and if they do, they can leave. Hahah.) They’re bright and fun and seem to work well together, and that’s all I care about.

Everything here is pretty self explanatory, but check out the link for the chalkboard stickers! I think they’re so neat. I’m going to use these to label the pasta and potato salad jars, and whatever I use the other jars for. Originally, I bought these before I discovered the little chalkboard-lidded jam jars, and I was going to use them to label the cocktails, but I’m definitely going to put these to another use instead!

That’s it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed my insane obsession with planning this one day event, hahaha. I’ll update you if I get any more goodies, and I’m thinking about doing a few recipes here…need to practice my BBQ’ing skills!




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