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Aion Toons

Since I showed you guys my Night Elf in WoW, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite Aion toons as well.

Some of these toons I haven’t even played (I know, I’m terrible – I constantly make new ones whenever I feel like playing with the customisation or I think of a cute name that isn’t taken.)

I’ve mentioned this before, but the character customisation options for Aion are unreal

Have a look – and make sure to click on each pic to see them properly.

 daelightDaelight – Priest
She has purple hair, lips and eyes. Purple is great. So is she.
(Shout out to ColdPolar in the background.)


Fart – Warrior
Yes, I genuinely named one of my toons (and in my opinion, the best looking one) Fart. I don’t know what I was thinking, but now I can’t play her. I just can’t play a toon named Fart. That name was probably the worst mistake of my life. Also, look how pretty she is. And how undeserving of the name Fart she is. Oh my god. I will never forgive myself.


Moonies – Chanter
This is one of my most played toons. Probably because she’s not named Fart. (Okay, I’ll stop.) How cute is her weapon? My sister, who also plays, gave it to me. So adorable.


Birdy – Warrior
I haven’t actually played Birdy before, but she is kind of ridiculously pretty (and I know she’s not real, but still – I wouldn’t mind looking like that) so I wanted to show you guys her. And I think I might use her the next time I play. Look at that face. *insert heart-eye emoji here*


Owling – Songweaver
This toon is another one of my most played – and she’s one of the newest. I mainly like her because of her name, and also the hair! I made her after a long hiatus, and they had brought in some new hairstyles, this being one of them. Also, the clothes for Songweaver’s are insanely adorable.


Dollies – Assassin
Dollies was the first toon I ever made. I don’t use her much anymore, but she’s still one of my favourites!


Lungs – Scout
This is another one I haven’t played yet – but look how cool her eyes are. I didn’t include the full body shot for her, because her face looked weird in it and also it’s just the default clothes, so nothing special.

That’s it for now guys. How sick is the amount of customisation you can do? Mine look fairly similar (I stick to what I know) but there’s sooo many different looks you can give them. If any of you play Aion, please show me your toons – or add me!
And let me know which one of mine is your favourite.




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